Finish coater provides two-sided uniform spraying of liquid water-soluble components on the whole surface of the product layer. Finish coater consists of three main modules: weight measurement of the product flow; liquid
ingredients spraying; product retention for liquids absorption.

  • Possibility to add several components simultaneously.  
  • Adding up to 5% of liquid components to compound feed pellets, up to 7% to expanded feed, up to 10% to small void structures.
  • Automatic calculation and keeping of the same capacity to exclude the product flow fluctuations when the liquid components are added. 
  • External spraying technology provides higher choking resistance.
  • Uniform spraying of exact amount of fats, vitamins, enzymes, vegetable oil on middlings, pellets and expanded feed. 


Capacity, tph

Enzymes adding rate, %

UFN-10 10 0,03…0,50
UFN-30 30 0,01…0,17
UFN-50 50 0,006…0,01