The fourth plant for the Group of companies “AgroPromkomplektatsiya”


On 6 of December the first stage of the compound feed plant of GC “AgroPromkomplektatsiya” was put into operation in Rzhev, Tver Region.

The head of Rzhev district of Tver region Valery Rumyantsev took part in the opening of the plant. He pointed out the high process level of the plant.

The production capacity of the enterprise is 216 thousand tons of  compound feeds per year. The reaching of the enterprise the project capacity will allow the association to increase its total production up to 900 thousand tons per year and provide the pig-breeding complexes of the Group of companies in Rzhev district with their own pelletized compound feeds.

The main supplier of the equipment is a company TECHNEX with many years’ experience in compound  feed industry.

“We actively continue to implement a comprehensive strategy for the development of the Group’s activities in creating new assets in the regions where our production sites are дщсфеув” Sergey Novikov, General Director of AgroPromkomplektatsiya GC has commented.

Modern compound feed mill, which first stage has  been brought into operation today, plays an important role in a single production chain of the association “from the field to the counter” and will provide all our farm grounds in Rzhev district with our own feeds”.

The first stage of the  enterprise elevator (with capacity 30 thousand tons of one-time storage) began harvesting in July 2019. Now the construction of the second stage of the elevator, designed for the same volume of grain storage, is continued. Full completion of the plant is scheduled for the first half of the next year.